I don't do 'BLOG'!!!

Ok, so up until this point my 'blog' has just been short updates about what's happen here and there in the life of my little business. There are so many great blog post out there, I greatly dislike talking about me, I'm not really a writer, and why would people find me interesting to listen to anyway...some of the many reasons I never thought I would do it. I seriously never imagined I'd be someone to 'blog'... but here I am, about to change the blog dynamic of THE FOX BOX.


Yep, once a month I'll be posting a short piece (yes, I believe short and to the point will mean you have no excuse to not read it, he, he!) that will share a little of my 'crafty craziness' with you that hopefully adds some laughter and colour to your day! 

The plan is to make it a little quirky, a little uplifting and inspire a little creativity! 

So mums and dads who's lives a filled with the beautiful craziness of kids, stay tuned..... My first 'real blog post' is coming soon!!!! Ahhh!!! 


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