What do New York Appartments, The Swiss Alps, MOMA and Monaco all have in common?

What do New York Appartments, The Swiss Alps, MOMA and Monaco all have in common? They are all destinations kids can create from boxes during play time! 

Are you feeling ‘boxed inside’ now the weather has turned cold? Excuse the pun, but I couldn’t resist! (Let's blame 'first official blog post' nerves!)

Having two very energetic toddlers in my house, means winter is a time I need to seek out a little extra entertainment for them. This sound like you too? Well, how would you like to come with us as we take a walk around the streets of NYC, enjoy a train ride through the Swiss Alps, or watch a high speed car race around the streets of Monaco…all while still wearing our uggs? You would? If you have a few spare boxes kicking about…you can!

I love having my groceries delivered each week (thanks Your Grocer!) It means food fresh from the markets, it supports local producers, and the boxes they are delivered in inspire a new destination and become the weekly entertainment for my kids! 


 I hope sharing a few fun ideas of how we ‘up-cycle’ our boxes, gives you some inspiration for your next ‘exotic winter escape’ that you can enjoy all from the comfort of your own home!

If you’ve done the ‘coffee run’ or in my case ‘hot -chocolate dash’ the cup holders are excellent structures for designing a NY apartment lifestyle. My son, who is in love with Secret Life of Pet’s, will play with this box for hours with his toy character figurines. 


Train rides with toys are never dull. You may want to prepare yourself for a ‘not so quite’ time, but it is always entertaining and exciting! Negotiating who's the driver can sometimes be a challenge though. If the weather is not too chilli, this is one that is also lots of fun outdoors too.


Flatten out a box, or if you’re like me and happened to have had pizza for dinner the night before (don’t judge), with a swipe of a marker here and there, the box can quickly become a race track to drive your toy cars around on, or a farm yard, city street scape or island treasure hunt! 

If the box is large enough, drop some crayons, stickers, paper and glue in and your child will be able to design their own version of the Sistine Chapel or MOMA, all while keeping the mess contained.

Don't think box adventures are all just for the kids either. The sturdy ones make great side tables for your glass of wine of an evening (or whatever hour is ‘wine time’ in your house), so you can sit back and plan that actual adventure you're going to go on!


If you have any other fun ways you've 'up-cycled'boxes, we'd love to here about it! 

Thanks for reading! This week has been all about believing in dreams and facing fears for me! I decided to 'be brave' and write my first blog post...Ahhh! I also go in front of a camera (BIG Ahhh) for the Dream and Do #bossladydream competition. If you have a moment, check it out on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FoxBoxArt/ 

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