Which Books are the BEST?

Ok, so everyone's answer to this question is going to be different, and depending on what day you ask me so is mine, ha,ha! Not very helpful right, if your looking for a top ten books to read kind of answers. Really the answer is 'just read'! Reading to your kids is so important! As a teacher of over ten years I can't begin to explain the difference reading to your kids makes in so many ways. It also is amazing inspiration for art.


As this is supposed to be my August blog post (yep, I run a little behind from time to time, but rather than skip it, I figured better late than never!) I want to share with you a few fun books I love reading to my two little one, that are our favs this week. Some I love for the illustrations, some for the beautiful but short text (great for those little ones that want "another story please, another story please"), some are just really fun books, and others hold deep meanings that both child and adult can lean from. I hope you enjoy...and find one of two new ones you can add to your collection!


Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea - by Morag Hood

Sunk - by Rob Biddulph

All through the years - Jayne Goodwin  & Anna Walker

Sunday Chutney - Aaron Blabey

Noni the Pony - Alison Lester

A Bit Lost - Chris Haughton

The Day the Crayon Quit - Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers 

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley - Aaron Blabey 


Oliver Jefffers beautiful prints are also fantastic fun to encourage matching and 'hide-and-seek' games went accompanying his books! Also check out Bookieboo books at http://www.bookieboo.com.au for a fun book delivery every month. We have really enjoyed a few months of this....we think it's really awesome! 

I'd love to hear what books are your kids favourites?




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