About Us

The Fox Box 

"THE FOX BOX art sessions aim to inspire people to see beauty in themselves and the world around them, encourage them to use their imagination through creative art & craft activities and equip them with skills to produce high quality artworks.”

If you want to get crafty with your kids, or just encourage them to have some creative time on their own, The Fox Box is for you.

The Fox Box is a small creative arts business, based in Melbourne, Australia, run by artist and mum, Helen Collins. She is passionate about using her extensive experience as a primary school and special needs teacher to help kids and families enjoy creative time! Through a range of crafting adventures The Fox Box encourages every child to explore their imagination, learn a wide variety of craft skill and have fun creating high quality, stunning art works! The Fox Box offers art lessons, holiday workshops and masterclasses to people of all ages. Helen is passionate about creating a space were people can enjoy art, believe in themselves and create their very own masterpieces!